North East Hardwood Flooring, sands and refinishes hardwood flooring. Are your floors looking scratched, nicked, and dented? It may be time to have them sanded and refinished. How do I know if itís time to refinish my hardwood flooring?

This question needs to be answered on an individual and situational basis. How do the floors look now? Is there significant wear in high traffic areas? High traffic areas will show wear before other areas of the floor. In front of the kitchen sink, in front of the stove, and around entryways are all considered high traffic areas for your flooring. It is wise to have all of these areas covered with area rugs to protect them from moisture and people walking on them often. If they are not covered you may already start to see wear. If the damage is noticeable and looks odd when compared to the rest of the flooring then it may be time to refinish the wood floors.

If you have a lot of nicks and dents in the flooring you may want to consider having your floors refinished. When the right time is to refinish your floors depends a lot on your own tastes and budget.

As a general rule, a typical hardwood floor should be refinished every five years or so. Major damage is not a necessary factor. We can perform a simple buff and recoat if all you have is some minor surface scratches and dents on your floor.

The Sanding and Refinishing Process

First, we sand your flooring with a rough grade sand paper. We choose the grit of paper based on a few different factors. The age of the floor, current condition, and type of wood will all influence the decision of what grit to use. The more damage done to your hardwood flooring the higher grit we will need. A rougher paper will be needed to sand out deep scratches or dents. Also, softer hardwood flooring materials like pine and American bamboo will sand down quicker than harder woods like maple or oak.

Second, we will sand the wood floors with light grit sandpaper. This will remove any marks or imperfections left by the rough cut sandpaper. After we complete this step we are ready for buffing.

Thirdly, we will buff or screen the wood floors with a buffing machine and light grit sandpaper. This will remove any edger marks or inconsistencies still left after the first two rounds of sanding. This is the last sanding step before applying finish.

Next, we will vacuum the floors well with a high powered vacuum and clean them thoroughly with tack cloths in order to pick up any fine dust that may remain on the floors after vacuuming.

Once the floors are clean we will apply the first coat of finish. After the first coat of finish is dry, we will allow the floors to fully dry. We will return to buff, vacuum and recoat the floor with two more coats of finish.

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